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A handful of our team are in Sydney for our five-week residency at Bathers’ Pavilion. They are loving it over there and have met so many incredible people, from our guests to local suppliers and producers.

To bring the L’Enclume experience to Australia, we have ensured every element is perfect, from each dish to the tableware and cutlery. To apply our ethos in a new country, we’ve worked with local artisans to create bespoke pieces for the residency, including wooden spoons for our seaweed custard, handcrafted by the exceptionally talented woodworker Ted O’Donnell.

For our crockery, we have had the pleasure of working with Malcolm Greenwood and Leia Sherbloom from Grit Ceramics, who have made over 2,000 pieces for us and Simon Reece Blackheath, a ceramicist who has hand-thrown miniature jugs for our signature Anvil dessert.

Read about our residency here.

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*1kg Braised Short Rib of Beef marinated in Our Farm Rub | August 2024*

From £31.00