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Winter Months on Our Farm

We are harvesting a lot of Jerusalem artichokes at the moment, which we are currently serving at L'Enclume and which appeared on our special 20th anniversary menu at Henrock. We have picked the majority of our kale and chard varieties, and everything else has slowed right down with the shorter daylight hours.

In other news, we've recently expanded the number of outside beds on Our Farm, with the development of a new field. We have planted around 20 fruit trees in an orchard at the far end of the pasture, marking two decades since we opened L'Enclume and founded the Simon Rogan Restaurant Group. We hope to harvest plums, apples, mulberries, damsons and pears in the not-so-distant future.

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*Our Farm Beetroot Salad, Wraysholme Yoghurt, Our Rosehip Dressing | August 2024*

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